Native Entertainment MAGAZINE (nemagazine)

Native Entertainment focuses on music made by indigenous musicians, artists and entertainers. We are not a run-of-the-mill scholastic "pow-wow" magazine.

We feature sex appeal paired with sometimes outrageous views, shocking photography and controversial editorial regarding our various tribal lifestyles. Thus our company motto, "Our Life. Our Style. Our Way."

Native Entertainment Magazine is the premier publication for trend-setting, independent young consumers. Our audience is driven primarily by music, tribal cultural influences, style, and (of course) hot women.

As Native Entertainment Magazine evolves with our audience we also work hard to maintain an unequivocally balanced approach to producing and showcasing innovative music related media for our core audience.

Our main focus will always be music from and within the Native marketplace. We will continue to explore how and why music influences culture, style, language and society in general. We will always look at the physical and audio sex appeal of indigenous musicians and how they are shaping the world around them by simply making music.


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