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  • Sacrosanct: Words

    Based on my previous publication "Flaunt" this new zine is an expanded exploration of the film destruction I started in the middle of 2020. Featuring…

    Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
    Print: $20.00
  • Twelve Kinds of Silence

    A zine that took me over a year to produce. Twelve monthly visits to the bosque along the Rio Grande in New Mexico, with a half-frame film camera.…

    Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
    Print: $12.00
  • Collateral Damage

    Another step outside my comfort zone. A continuation of the destructive path started with my "Sacrosanct" series. These photo collages are the result…

    Tabloid / 11" x 14"
    Print: $35.00
  • Flaunt The Imperfections: Issue #5

    Issue #5 of my ongoing zine series is available for purchase now. This latest issue features a radical approach to my film-based photography. As a…

    Square / 8" x 8"
    Print: $12.00