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Marquis Fashion Magazine is a beauty,/fashion, art, lifestyle and entertainment print and digital editorial magazine based in Melbourne Australia and distributed around the world. We get inspired by the colors, style, concepts and attitude. Marquis prides itself on continuous self discovery by promoting a wide variety of well known artists, talents and creatives as well as searching for new, up and coming talents who wish to break the monotonous and rater commercial uniformity of the fashion and beauty worlds with ideas that are bold, ambitious, and fearless. There are no limits to our imagination as there are no limits to the expanding Universe. Our high ambition is to inspire the world is relentless. Out credo is The Concept Is Not Fashion, The Concept Is Ar. Established in 2000 and organically grown from a group of creatives, being undiscovered, then digital and finally in print from 2018, it flourishes for the last 21 years. If that’s not inspirational, we don’t know what is.

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