Milisa Galazzi (milisagalazzi)

Artist, Milisa Galazzi, is best known for her three dimensional hand sewn shadow drawings, her printed works on paper, and her richly layered abstract paintings all of which explore the very nature of being human. Her work is held in private international collections as well as public collections in the United States such as Women and Infants Hospital and the Women's Medicine Collaborative in Rhode Island. She exhibits nationally in solo and group shows in both galleries and museums. Galazzi presents talks at national and international conferences such as the International Encaustic Conference and the National Art Education Association Conference in New York City and teaches classes at universities such as Clark and Yeshiva. Her artwork has been featured and reviewed in Surface Design, FiberArts, Art New England, and ArtScope magazines as well as in books such as, "Contemporary Cape Cod Artist: On Abstraction," and "Paper + Wax, Techniques in Handmade Paper and Encaustic” as wells as, "Encaustic Art in the Twenty First Century." Galazzi was 'boat schooled' as a child while she and her family traveled and lived aboard their thirty-one foot trimaran sail boat hand built by her father. She received an MA with Honors from the Rhode Island School of Design where she exhaustively researched the educational effectiveness of community-based art education settings and her findings are published by Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Project Zero Press, 1999. In addition, Galazzi holds a BA from Brown University where she studied Studio Art with minors in Women’s Studies and Cultural Anthropology. She attended Studio Art College International (SACI) in Florence, Italy and graduated from Phillips Academy, Andover. Her broad education directly informs the content of her art making, her creative advising services, and her speaking engagements. Galazzi works full time in her studio in Providence, Rhode Island.

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  • Milisa Galazzi, String Theory

    In this 6" x 8" book, Galazzi provides a detailed exploration of the wax-and-paper shadow drawings in her ongoing series, String Theory. Luscious…

    Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
    Print + Digital: $15.00 Digital: $2.00