Max G. Bernard (MaxG-Bernard)

Max G. Bernard is the pen name of a writer with around 45 years of writing, editing, publishing, and journalism experience. He wrote for student, "underground," and radical newspapers in the 60's and 70's. He lives in the Midwestern region of Woodstock Nation, and is residing in the 1960's until something better comes along.

He is involved in writing science fiction, mysteries, weird cross genre stories, as well as stories appropriate for children ages 7-107, and semi-autobiographical pieces.

A fan of Bob Dylan's music, Alfred Hitchcock's movies, and Philip K. Dick's science fiction, he is married, with two children, one dog, and two cats. He agrees with Tom Robbins that it is "never too late to have a happy childhood," and with the spirit of the statement, "Be realistic, demand the impossible."

His work can be found in electronic formats at, and on Amazon.

Collection: The Future Will Be Written

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Collection: Children's Stories

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