Frank Catanzaro (maui1)

Frank Catanzaro is a co-founder and senior partner of the Hawaii-based Arcturus Research & Design Group, and Chair of the Millennium Project’s Experimental Cyber-Node. He has studied engineering management, artificial intelligence, transpersonal psychology, and graphic arts, at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Clark University, the School of the Worcester Art Museum, and the Rhode Island School of Design.

Frank was a pioneer in online communities in the late 1970s, incorporating innovative use of computer and communications mediated collaboration tools in the 80s and his systematic research and evaluation of the open source software movement in the 90s. His clients include the Hudson Institute, Fujitsu, National Library of Congress, Harvard Institute for International Development, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Sprint, Perot Systems, Arlington Institute, the Waitt Foundation for Community Development, the Nation of Cape Verde, and the Kuwait Oil Company. He won the first prize award in the Kawasaki, Japan "International Concept Design Competition for Advanced Information Cities." His current work with The Millennium Project involves researching the state of the art in online collaboration tools and cyber futures. Specifically focusing on virtual worlds, web services, the semantic and onto-logic web, and distributed grid, mesh, and ad hoc computing as drivers for the emergence of new social and economic futures.

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