Eric Manten (MantenPhotography)

Hi, I am Eric, a photographer based in the Captial Region of New York, specializing in documentary-style street photography and essays.

When I got my first point-and-shoot camera in the early 1970s, I could not foresee it igniting a lifelong passion for photography.

Growing up in Eygelshoven, the Netherlands, a small village with two underground coal mines, four churches, and 20 pubs, significantly influenced my photographic evolution.

I took the ubiquitous family and vacation pictures with that first camera. But I also created what, with hindsight, can be considered documentary-style images. Local events and historical landmarks were my favorite subjects: the annual village fair, church processions, and the interior and artifacts of our medieval parish church. Especially taking pictures of people, whether my family and friends or at events, had my passion.

Over the years, I 'promoted' to SLRs and DSLRs, and my career in Human Resources allowed me to live in Spain, Australia, South Africa, and finally, the USA.

Having had the opportunity of experiencing life on several continents and use different camera types and lenses, I explored several photographic genres. While continuing to capture people and events, my interests included landscape, wildlife, architecture, and fine art.

However, since moving to the USA in 2011 and being driven by my passion for people, I have specialized in documentary-style street photography and essays.

Looking back, it feels like I have come full circle: from documenting events in and around my small hometown in the Netherlands to documenting typical life in the USA, learning a lot on the way.

Because of the agility required to create these types of images, I work mainly with rangefinder (type) film and digital cameras; medium-format film, however, is also part of my toolbox.

My passion for photography continues to grow. My work has been displayed in several shows and is available as single prints and in photo books.

Please visit my website for more of my work and my blog.

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