M3 Magazine - Music Meets the Model (m3magllc)

M3 Magazine is a unique publication that focuses on merging the worlds of fashion and music into one space – Music Meets the Model. Our editors and contributors will bring you the latest trends and faces on the modeling and entertainment scene, in full page, color filled fashion. Alongside our main features will be articles showcasing local eateries, poets, radio personalities, dj’s, dancers and more – all shown to you, our public, with a musical, fashionable twist. M3 is filled with up-to-the-minute news and info you won’t find anywhere else. From the runway to the dance floor, M3 Magazine is there.

Each issue of M3 will feature ads from local businesses, contact information for all of our partners and featured venues, along with shopping information on the designs you see in our pages. We strive to celebrate the models, designers, retailers, dj’s, musicians, local artists, and business owners who make it all happen.

editor-in-chief NIKOL STRAWS


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