Nancy Ridenour (LotusStudios)

After graduating from Cornell with a degree in biology, I went to Laos as a volunteer to work with women in the villages. While there, I was introduced to the lovely lotus flower that has been highlighted in much of my present photographic art.

When I returned to Ithaca, I became a biology teacher at Ithaca High School. In 2005, I retired, pursued a second career as a photographic artist, and later joined the Greater Ithaca Art Trail.

I am a photographic artist who focuses on the beauty of flowers, but have expanded my subjects to include architecture, sculptures, city-scapes, and birds. With software, I produce abstract photo- montages. I use the macro lens for intimate flower photography and the 300 mm telephoto lens to capture the Florida Birds.

Collection: Other Publications

1 publication

  • Raptors and Rehab

    This is a book about Raptors and programs to rescue birds that have been hurt in accidents. It is an excellent book for elementary students.

    Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
    Print: $19.40 Digital: $6.00