MAN MAGAZINE (lopenavo)

"After two decades of immortalizing beautiful young men on the covers and editorial pages of international magazines, Filipino photographer Lope Navo boldly creates his own men's fashion book for the masses. Navo's self-published periodical, MAN, is best described as a provocative exploration of the masculine mystique as uniquely seen through the lenses of pioneering American photographers."

—Stingray Magazine New York, July 2020


Editor-in-chief and Creative Director of MAN; the native-born Filipino fashion photographer, painter, and writer Navo is undoubtedly the only magazine editor and photographer on Earth who have lived in at least four continents, more than seven of the most modern cities, and shot for the largest brands — Dior, Esquire, and L'Officiel Hommes.


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  • MAN Magazine: MAN Magazine Issue 19

    Photographer—Ohm Phanphiroj Title—Coming of Age Editor—Lope Navo Location—Chicago, Memphis, Rochester, and Atlanta --- MAN Magazine was…

    Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
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  • MAN Magazine: MAN Magazine Issue 21

    Photographer—Joseph Lally Title— Coming of Age Model—Spencer Crofoot Model Agency—AIG Models MGMT Stylist—Spencer Crofoot Editor—Lope Navo…

    Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
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