Lily The Fairy (LilyMonsterMeat)

Lily The Fairy is a Purple Tinker Fairy, she was laughed into existence in a sunny Spring. Lily lives in a stone Stronghold between Fae Fields and Fay Bay, in the beautiful, magical, Land Of Fae. Lily The Fairy has many friends and goes on adventures, often helping friends and animals in need. But she is a curious and rebellious fairy, often journeying away from her Stronghold to visit us Humans. Lily loves to educate and inspire, she encourages humans of all ages to be eco friendly and use positive words, thoughts, and ideas to change the world. Lily The Fairy has Birthday Party Packages available in Kingston, Ontario, as well as Custom Video E-Cards online. She enjoys promoting businesses, bringing attention and a sparkle of fun to any event. You can find Lily The Fairy at local events and charities, often helping animals and the Earth. Lily The Fairy loves sharing her tales of adventure, and even has a book of short stories and art coming out! Be sure to find Lily The Fairy online, print coloring book pages, look at photos, keep updated on facebook. Go check out

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