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Embrace Beauty signifies the Beauty each and every person possesses. EBM encourages and supports experienced and Non-Experienced Models of every nationality, race, gender, age, religion and size. To EMBRACE our perfect imperfections and love ourselves both inwardly and outwardly. See the true beauty we possess. We are all diamonds in the ruff waiting to shine...Embrace Your Beauty and Your moment now submit to submissions@embracebeautymagazine.com

Laylonna Hurley the founder/Owner/Editor has been in the modeling World since she was 13 years old and has been off and on modeling for Over 26 years, she is a published photographer in numerous magazine (BeautyWithin Photography) Co-editor Eric Dawson a high fashion photographer in Indianapolis along with Marketing Director Donna Devine, MUA Expert Rachel Madison and creative stylist Karlie Kilmer a High Fashion Model. EBM helps international & national Models, Designers, MUHA and Photographers, Our workshops have been helping new artist learn the trade in the Industry of Modeling, Posing,Fashion and understanding style! Together we Believe Beauty comes from within and we are here to help you reach your highest potential in your Modeling Career by providing you huge platform of networking on our social media outlets and within our pages! Welcome to Embrace Beauty! Please See themes posted for upcoming Issues. #EmbraceYourBeauty

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