Laura Dark (lauradark)

Laura Dark has been shooting professionally for the past 15 years. She attended art school for a BFA and apprenticed for 2 years under a local commercial and portrait photographer. She is well versed on both sides of the camera as both Model and Photographer. It has been said that, “what Laura can do in a half a dozen frames would make grown men cry.” She is best known for her dark portrait and beauty work which has been described as, “beautiful and creative to the max….the images are so realistic and haunting…it’s insane.”

Laura is also the Fashion Editor for the avant garde fashion and photography magazine, Dark Beauty. Dark Beauty is a magazine dedicated to artists, fashion designers, photographers, musicians, and actors who crave dark glamour. We provide a new avenue for promoting new and exciting talents who dares to push the envelope and bring such fantasies to life. Our focus is to highlight and bring awareness to bold talents from the darker side of the arts community.

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