Ludington Area Center for the Arts (LACA)

Our Mission

The Ludington Area Center for the Arts was formed to sponsor, promote, and encourage participation in and appreciation of arts and culture for the benefit of everyone who lives in the Ludington area.

Our Vision

To foster a community where arts and culture bring us together, feed our spirit, and fuel our growth.

In support of its mission, the LACA:

Supports and nurtures the development and advancement of arts and culture in the Ludington area. Facilitates communications and serves as a practical resource for artists, arts organizations, and the community. Advocates for the arts and their positive impact on our community by promoting awareness of local, state, and national arts issues. Provides training and educational opportunities to encourage excellence in community arts. Responds to the needs and interests of area citizens through arts programs and projects. Fosters cultural plans that integrate the arts and culture into the fabric of community lif

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