Kelly Norris (kellydn)

Kelly D. Norris is a horticulturist, plant breeder, and plantsman who hails from Bedford, Iowa. He is an award-winning author with two books to his credit including the Iowa Gardener’s Travel Guide, the first travel guide to Iowa gardens and nurseries, and a forthcoming work on the lives of passionate gardeners. As a speaker he has garnered national acclaim for his high-energy, zealous presentations of information and personal stories that share his love and knowledge of horticulture.

He currently manages Rainbow Iris Farm, a seven-acre nursery owned by his family, co-edits the Bulletin of the American Iris Society, and serves in several leadership capacities throughout the horticulture industry. Kelly received his B.S. in horticulture from Iowa State and currently pursues his M.S. degree at Iowa State studying rare woody plants.

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