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I am a recovered Birth Junkie with a passion for the written word. Birth and babies were nowhere on the horizon over a decade ago (more like bars, booze, and boys which is what got me in the family-way to begin with) when I found myself pregnant for the first time.

My experience with the standard American way of birth left much to be desired and I found myself at month eight of said first pregnancy planning a homebirth. Three homebirthed babies later, I have found a venue via Magcloud to hone my two favorite crafts: writing and celebrating birth, and it is here the I have created MOTHER WIT Magazine.

I invite and encourage all women to consider the idea of a planned homebirth. Just the idea. Then let's talk.

MOTHER WIT Magazine is here to shed some much-needed joy on the topic of pregnancy and childbirth, not to mention the well-hidden brilliance of it all.

Your birth will change you, like it or not. This is where MOTHER WIT Magazine wants to be . . . in the venue of change. Peace!!!! Xoxo, Jenna Hull

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