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Dafna was born in Jerusalem and lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is a known figure in the Israeli art world as a lecturer, curator and appraiser of art and collectibles. Also a Wordpress Expert for blog sites, Corporate Sites & Woo Commerce Sites (Active online stores). With many years of experience in Google Analytic, Google Adwords and PPC. Dafna has lectured at academies of visual art and design with years of experience working in advertising and media. Her education started at Technion University studying interior design followed by general design studies with the artist Ilana Goor. She later obtained a diploma in curatorial studies and art appraisals. In the beginning of her career she worked as a graphic designer in various multimedia companies such as Ness Technologies, Casdim International Systems, along with several major advertising agencies in Israel. In 1998 she began teaching at the Avni Institute of Art and as a lecturer in visual communication at Bezalel Academy of Art and at Magen the Religious College of Art and Design. Dafna has authored a number of books for Israeli academic institutes including John Bryce College. She also developed course curriculum and content in a number of fields including photography, internet, media and graphic design. She was later involved in the marketing of these courses to various technology companies.

Dafna is the CEO&Founder of Israeli Art Market Online Gallery, Art Market International Magazine, The International Lens Magazine, Sell My Art and Show My Work Online Galleries.

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