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Welcome to Integrity Magazine, a magazine that is diverse in all ways. The content you will find in the magazine will always be fresh and varied and current to on going situations. We will cover many aspects of life, there will be topics and articles on Fashion, Film, Music, Beauty, Art, Business and Charity, we also feature ‘The Poem Of The Month’, that is normally very topical to todays events. We welcome contributions from across the globe, as well as local talent and we are always supportive in networking and putting people together in a business and work capacity. We have strong moral principles and are always open to new ideas and discussions on many subjects. No idea is too big or too small. Here at Integrity, we encourage people and business to grow and be fruitful, to fulfil their dreams and aspirations. Integrity Magazine was launched on the 1st Of May 2019 at the prestigious 72nd Cannes Film Festival. It has gone from strength to strength with many famous people, including actors, writers, musicians, models and business organisations contributing articles and photos and promoting their business model. We at Integrity love working with like minded people and organisations that are keen to work hand in hand with us. We at Integrity have a mission statement that we believe is the reason why we are a brand that has grown and will keep on growing. We will stand by our convictions and opinions without being dictatorial. We have strong views and a can-do attitude that puts us right up there along with the leading lights of our contributors and business brands. Integrity Magazine is based on quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

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