Elo Marc (inprintmag)

Elo Marc — Designer/ Collage artist

Based in San Diego, California. Elo Marc is a collage artist who graduated in 2009 with a degree in Graphic Arts. During the course, Elo developed an appreciation for collage and explored a rich and diverse array of mixed media techniques.After graduating, Elo's creative interests began to turn to fine art, particularly mixed media collage. While working as a Graphic Designer for several high profile websites, his interest in collage continued to develop, and by 2009 it became the focus of his endeavors. However it wasn't until 2010 that Elo made the decision to pursue art making full-time.Working mediums include: retro images, illustrations, vectors and colors. The work is highly textured and often multi-layered with a nostalgic and weathered quality. Elo's work is often vibrant with color. Working methods also extend to digital collage with a very gritty and realistic display of texture and layering. The digital work began as an experiment in blurring the line between handmade collage and digital collage.

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