Crazy Manny (hmcoleap)

Manny is the owner/operator of Serious 4x4, LLC. He previously served as Director of Azimuth Magazine for The HUMMER Club, Inc., and has been driving his Hummer on some of the most challenging trails in the country with off-road clubs and organizations for well over a decade. He pays for his repairs by working as a writer and editor for several 4x4 publications. When he isn't out wheeling, he can be found staring at the undercarriage of his aging '95 H1 as it sits perched on the lift in his garage.

In addition to his work with AZIMUTH Magazine, and is also the President of the New England HUMMER Owners Group, a regional club that recently merged with the Northeast Chapter of the HUMMER X Club. Manny has also served as a contributing editor for several other off-road publications, including Ultimate HUMMERS Magazine and OFF-ROAD.COM. Manny is a certified Tread Lightly Master Trainer, and a certified Red Cross/H.O.P.E. Disaster Response Volunteer.


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