Kerri Bailey (herbalelements)

I have been working with Herbs and studying Botany since my late teens, while attending Indiana Univeristy of Pennsyvania. Since graduating in 1992 with a BS in Biology I continued my studies in Herbal Medicine and Horticulture. In 1998-199 I attended a Herbal Certification Course at Highline Community College, studying under Auyvedic Herbalist Karta Parkh Singh Khalsa. My personal goals were to establish a business where I produce herbal products, ebooks, online courses and train the next generation of well-rounded, educated Herbalists. I am proud to finally see these goals coming into reality with upcoming Ebooks and Herbal Elements Academy to lauch Fall 2016!

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  • Chakra Connections: Chakra Connections

    Awaken Your Body's Energy Centers or Chakras using the tools and techniques presented in this easy to use reference guide. By Activating and…

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