Grind City Media LLC (GrindCity)

Grind City Media LLC is a multi-media content creator and outlet for Entertainers and Entrepreneurs.

The company is owned and operated by Kay Bey, who is an independent artist who decided to pursue the art of media instead of just music.

Grind City Media, LLC operates out of Grind City Studio in Pittsburgh PA, and houses its own music and tv studio. The GCM studio allows GCM staff to provide high-quality Livestream showcases, interviews, and promotions. We are also able to assist entrepreneurs who are looking to create commercial promotions to help further their agendas.

GCM creates outlets that help allow entertainers and entrepreneurs to tell their stories, be showcased, and push their brands globally.

GCM has it’s our Roku Tv Channel – Grind City Tv Network, that help further our mission to reach the world and achieve our goal of putting artist and small business on a global platform.

GCM (formally JPB,INC) has over 15years of live streaming experience. We live stream all of our in-house productions to our Roku channel and we have a large lined up of shows that are played on our channel. Our show line up consists of national and global content.

We are also able to professionally live stream to our Roku channel events from inside our studio, on-location and via satellite interviews & correspondences at any time from anywhere!

Our website and Google Play mobile app Watch Grind City and directly connected to our Roku Channel, there whatever is playing on our Roku channel, its also playing our site and mobile app. (this includes our on-demand section).

GCM Partners with several affiliates that help promote the network and their individual brands. We encourage the artist that we meet to reach out to our affiliates so that may recent top-notch assistance in the areas they wish to improve.

Our goal is to always find ways for artists and businesses to meet and work together.

We created these magazines to add another layer of showcase ability to our media - please support us by purchasing a copy Thanks


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