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Glamville Magazine is an international Fashion & Lifestyle editorial magazine based in Scotland, available in print and digital. The main goal of Glamville Magazine is to put the spotlight on talented and inspirational creative teams of photographers, fashion models, creative directors, makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion designers and more from all around the world, showcasing their originality, creativity, individuality and passion and encouraging their works of art to reach thousands of people globally!

The editorials in Glamville Magazine are carefully selected by our editors and showcase a mix of different talents and styles, all blended together to create each unique issue. The editorials are created by artists from all around the world, including UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Belarus, Latvia, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Serbia, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Qatar, Australia, Peru, Austria, Germany, Poland and more and we take pride in working together with many fabulous brand partners including Monsoon, Pretty Little Thing UK, Lipsy London, Dune London, M&Co UK, Next UK and more, keeping our readers up-to-date with the latest seasonal trends and collections from the world of fashion!

We hope you enjoy reading through our Glamville issues as much as we enjoy putting it together for you and we hope when you put your copy down, you’ll feel inspired to conqueer your goals! Here’s to fashion, beauty, art, living well and taking the time to enjoying the simple things every day!

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