George J Nicholson (GJNWdstk)

George J Nicholson is a Hudson Valley photographer, poet and book designer. He studied Photographic Science in the ;aboratory of Harold “Doc” Edgerton at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the late 1960s. A chance encounter with the mystic photographer Minor White, then in residence at the Institute, had a profound impact on Nicholson’s creative vision and process. After a long career as a corporate graphic designer serving the Fortune 500, he has turned his focus to fine art photography. His projects are most often triggered by dreams, inner-work and unwinding the slender threads of synchronicity, taking the forms of solo exhibitions and self-published books. George lives and works in Kingston, NY, deriving inspiration from the manifold beauties of the Hudson Valley region and its colorful, historic communities.

Collection: Hudson Valley Urban

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Collection: Cycle of the Four Seasons

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