Girlfight Magazine, LLC (girlfightmagazine)

Relaunching SPRING 2024!

My name is Tiffani K. and I recently acquired Girlfight Magazine, LLC and publishing rights to its original magazines and select ones not consistent with the "alternative" branding through a dissolution with my ex.

I am bringing BACK female empowerment and encouraging women to empower other women and not put them down.

Women will be treated respectfully here and not like meat at a slaughterhouse. Sorry, but a few magazines prior to 2024 may contain photos I refuse to publish in newer magazines here due to original assets being lost.

It's time for us women to step up and stand out and empower and encourage each other - we must stand together!

I do NOT publish swimsuits, lingerie or anything revealing - you get the point.

I will publish all ages and all of our new magazines starting May 2024 will be G-rated with a conservative focus on family values.

I want all females to have fun but not be degrading at the same time.

I will also be careful with my keywords and choose wisely.

Oh - there will be no ads in my new magazines. If you want to submit use the Contact Publisher option here on Magcloud and I will be in touch.

Thanks - Girl Power!

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