GEZNO Magazine (GEZNOMagazine)

GEZNO Magazine is a publication dedicated to showcasing the fashion industry offering a fresh perspective on the stories across four sections: culture, design, art, and beauty.

GEZNO Magazine from a pure artistic desire to create tangible support through which beauty, fashion, and photography can be expressed freely. More than a magazine, GEZNO Magazine is a virtual bible, a reference for photography trends.GEZNO aspires to please and pamper the fashion-conscious people living in an ever faster-moving world.

Our mission is to make the most beautiful magazine about fashion for the international market. GEZNO Magazine strives to maximize the potential of printed matter. Different paper qualities and special production features make GEZNO Magazine an item that people like to hold, keep and collect.

GEZNO magazine is supplemented with, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, providing a drip-feed of fashion, art, beauty, and culture.

Collection: April 2020

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Collection: April 2021

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