Galaxy Girl ~ Jeannette Claudine Romeu (GalaxyGirl)

People from around the world calls Jeannette Romeu "Galaxy Girl". The name Galaxy Girl means, one who comes from the future or perhaps from another galaxy. Galaxy's music runs inside her veins. Many great music scholars know that she is quite special and unusual. Galaxy was born with the gift of absolute perfect pitch. She was also born with a tender heart, giving charity and working with children as well as helping and rescuing animals. Galaxy Girl was born in an illustrious musical family, Romeu. Camarata Romeu, had the great honor to perform various concerts for royal queen Letizia of Spain, and King Charles of England, among many other dignitaries. Jeannette aka Galaxy has always been inseparable from her music and her art. She read and wrote music before she could read or write any words.

Galaxy Girl's compositions show sensuality, spirituality and freedom, stating her love for life, nature and humanity. Her angelic form wants to heal and feels compassionated for this hurting and wounded world.

Galaxy is a world traveler and a musical genius. She recorded original compositions professionally with tv orchestras at the age of four, and has been studying classical piano since the tender age of three.

She is a DeeJayed in the EDM genre, pioneer and composer. She has performed for huge and small crowds, headlined in Ultra Music Festival for more than a decade, The Bob Marley Music Fest, etc.

Her Art paintings have help to raise charity money as well as inspire many. Her unique and unlimited artistic talents are a blessing from the skies.

Galaxy Girl lives her life to the fullest, making great music and art in a global, "higher conscientiousness" state of mind

Words by StarBoy Kovenski

Collection: The GALAXY LOVE magazine

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