GALAXY GIRL ~ Jeannette Claudine Romeu (GalaxyGirl)

People from around the world calls Jeannette Romeu "Galaxy Girl". The name Galaxy Girl means, one who comes from the future.The finest world - music has been injected through many lives and generations in Jeannette's veins. Most musical scholars know this is quite an unusual musically well accomplished, royal family who has always been in charge of directing beautiful and elegant music for more than a century now. Her compositions has always shown a startlingly, sensual freedom in stating her love for life and humanity as her angelic compassion for this hurting and wounded world is one of her very personal interest. Jeannette was instructed by her family many musical secrets that are kept secretly inside her treasure chest. Her mentors were grandmothers: Zulema and Zenaida Romeu and legendary music producer Thomas Dowd. Her life seems to be an unusual one, an only child, a musical genius since the age of three, who loves preparing for performances and Live concerts as well as DJying and painting, always helping others but whatever the facts is, Jeannette has always been inseparable from her music or her rich, colorful background. Her rare artistic talents are like a mystery of life. How can one person can be so gifted?, she could spend months without any human or mundane desires. With barely any sleep, very little raw food and just learning and creating, Galaxy Girl can transport herself into a dimension of pure mystical and colorful sounds that comes from within herself. Whether is music, movies or her latest art, she has turned into one stunning and rare talent that's greater to life and yet so humble to be real. She was born a musician and could read music before she could read words. She writes music and gives music concerts since the age of four. She sang as a baby in French, Spanish and English, composed her music and acted on television. She recorded her first album with a large TV orchestras when she was only four, always whirling around, hour after hour making up songs, singing, dancing and playing many of the greatest classical pieces from the masters. Today Galaxy Girl lives her life always remaining with a global, higher conscientiousness.

Words by StarBoy Kovenski

Collection: The GALAXY LOVE magazine

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