Futurelab Education (Futurelab)

Futurelab is an independent not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to transforming teaching and learning, making it more relevant and engaging to 21st century learners through the use of innovative practice and technology. We have a long track record of researching and demonstrating innovative uses of technology and aim to support systemic change in education – and are uniquely placed to bring together those with an interest in improving education from the policy, industry, research and practice communities to do this. Futurelab is close enough to government to be influential, but distant enough to have an independent viewpoint; credible and respected by academia, but with rigorous project management, support and delivery mechanisms that deliver to commercial timelines. Our integrity and commitment to positive change allow us access to education practitioners and learners and we, in turn, support them to adopt new teaching practices with a range of research-informed support and tools.

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