Welcome to the first issue of FUSE Magazine Online! We hope you love the images in these pages as much as we do! We are so excited for our new magazine, celebrating the sexiness and beauty of the female form by fusing the artistic and the erotic. Based in the SF Bay Area, we welcome submissions from all styles of models, photographers, artists and designers. FUSE is united by a simple concept we think everyone can appreciate – beautiful ladies that are always classy and very sexy. In a digital world dominated by ephemerality, “sexy” pictures of “hot girls” are thought of as grainy, overly filtered screenshots, taken on a whim, sent via disappearing text. There is always something new, better, more extreme a click away, and sexy photos are all too often taken with the intent to be lost in the black hole of the internet as soon as it’s replaced by the next photo -- someone newer, younger, or more explicit. In creating FUSE, we want to go back to a classic principle of photography, where sexy photos are high-quality and thoughtful, meant to last forever and be seen by all -- not something to hide or be ashamed of. Whether the context is alternative or vanilla or anything in-between, a thoughtful photo of a beautiful lady is timeless. Someone deemed this image picture- perfect, a moment in time worth capturing. Through the lens of the photographer, we can see these girls preserved as they are in that moment -- young and beautiful forever.


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