Film and Popcorn Magazine (FilmAndPopcorn)

Film and Popcorn Magazine is a movie magazine created just for movie lovers and cinema goers. It is the one magazine that focuses on the movies and not the actors, actresses, new releases and behind the scenes. We go deeper and explore the movies the way directors and producers want us to. We examine the themes, start discussions and explore unseen symbols, meanings and emotions.

Film and Popcorn Magazine allows aspiring movie writers to share their thoughts, their words and their expertise. It provides a platform for writers to build their own credible brands as writers. Film and Popcorn Magazine also creates publishing opportunities, as writers get their work in print. The magazine brings together writers to share and discuss ideas and interpretations.

For readers, Film and Popcorn Magazine provides a joyous, exciting and intriguing collection of articles. The articles cover movies from any decade, so all issues are evergreen. In addition, special editions allow readers to get in deep with their favorite movies and characters.

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