Fashion Fights Poverty (fashionfightspoverty)

Welcome to the Fashion Fights Poverty "Dress Responsibly Lookbook", a catalogue of chic, contemporary and ethical designers modeled by celebrities and everyday citizens who have pledged support for our cause. While it is conceived, art directed, designed and supported by Style & Image Network, it is the product of collaboration amongst many different talents. Past contributors have come from Bogotá, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City, Puerto Rico, and Washington, DC. Believing that at the center of FFP beats the stylish and socially-responsible consumer, the FFP team extends this sincere attempt to provide an eye-catching resource for those interested in supporting community development through ethical fashion.

Within the book's pages are a global swatch of clothes, accessories and home décor from designers who promote responsible principles such as environmental sustainability, equitable employment and fair trade; and non-profit, non-governmental organizations which use fashion and design to promote self-empowered micro-entrepreneurial projects as vehicles for poverty eradication. The resulting accoutrement of these endeavors, as you will see throughout the book, range from sexy and chic to classic and cosmopolitan.

Fashion Fights Poverty (FFP) is one the largest ethical fashion non-profit organizations in the United States. Honoring national and international designers who employ ethical practices in their design and manufacturing processes to produce products that promote economic development of a given community, FFP provides a forum for dialogue and awareness-building about how fashion, textiles, and design can alleviate poverty and empower communities.

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