Jim Musgrave (efraimzgraves)

Jim Musgrave’s work has been recently featured in Best New Writing 2011, Hopewell Press, Titusville, N.J. He was also in a Bram Stoker Award Finalist volume of horror fiction, Beneath the Surface, 13 Shocking Tales of Terror, Shroud Publishing, San Francisco, CA and Thadd Presley’s Creature Feature and Thadd Presley’s Murder. His short story, “Before the Law,” will be appearing in Mixer. His science fiction was recently published in SciFi Short Story Magazine, Baton Rouge, LA. He has also published three novels and two collections of short stories at CIC Publications. He teaches college English composition in San Diego where he lives with his wife Ellen.

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  • Catalina Ghost Stories

    What would Natalie Wood do if she were a ghost returning to the scene of her death? Can a person be guilty of murder if he kills while walking in his…

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