Karen Carson (designerdolls)

A.k.a. Karen McGuire, I've been publishing crafting how-to magazines for many years. Designer Dolls Magazine is the only magazine that promotes the fashion doll customizer. It also displays wonderful dioramas, how-to articles from the artists, Featured Artist spots, comic strips using fashion doll makeovers, and much more! My background is largely administrative, although I consider myself a writer first. I was also involved in the dramatic arts for many years, and I presently write screenplays and plays, as well. Designer Dolls Magazine allows me to display many of my own talents, including page design, photography, and humor. The joy I get from seeing the artists' creations never gets old. I guess that's why I want to keep promoting them and showing them off in the best light possible. Designer Dolls Magazine does not depend on advertising to exist, expand, and grow. It depends on the artists.

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