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Originally conceived out of Florida, New York and Texas, We hope to bridge the gap between them, and expand from there and beyond with a style that incorporates the worlds of beauty, fashion, nudity in both fashion and fine art from both the conceptual and thematic universe. No, we are not reinventing the wheel here. But it’s going to be a lot of fun putting our unique spin on things.

Our focus is on the “unknown” artist. The models who know no boundaries and are completely unchained form being inhibited. The versatile, diverse, the canvas... The Muse. Agency caliber in one way, shape or form who for whatever reason cannot seem to make a dent in the ever growing “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” drain pipe we know as the “Industry”. Our mission is simply to not only showcase the talent of many, but also to provide invaluable knowledge and advice to models from A to Z from quite simply, other models. We will also leave no stone unturned in the creative fields of Makeup, Hair, Styling, and Music, all artists in their own right. We’ll visit “Hole in the Wall” eateries, showcase great architecture, play with new gadgets and see which ones are cool, interview people of interest, shove a bunch of trivial knickknacks down your throat along with other articles of interest, and even some fiction from some of the best. All keeping within the realm of the “unknown.

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  • Vanidoso: Vanidoso Issue 2

    Vanidoso Issue 2 July 2013 Editorials by: Mike Nguyen, Marcelo Cantu, John Englezos, Dixie Dixon, Heinz Weidmann and Roman Gorchakov

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  • Vanidoso: New Publication

    Introducing Vanidoso Issue 1. Denovo Magazine puts its unique twist on the Beauty and Professional Hair industry.

    Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
    Print + Digital: $22.00 Digital: $5.00