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LIVID Magazine is a Fashion + Beauty + Culture publication based in New York & Paris lividmagazine.com

The rationale of mashing the two words “LIVing IDentity” and creating LIVID was to explore the repossession and expansion of a deeper understanding of the individual’s identity as it pertains to the three values of beauty, gain and good, wherever in the World it exists.

LIVID is a global publication which magnifies the fundamental nature of current pop culture. With pictorial illustration, LIVID brings to you the art of fashion, the depth of beauty, and multiplicity in lifestyle inherent in the myriad cultures of the World. LIVID is published quarterly, online, and will soon launch a companion, hardcopy bound issues.

We have editors and contributors in ten different countries who trade and live in the fashion capitals of the world, and who are on the frontlines of Style and Substance. LIVID is proud to showcase the work of emerging designers, photographers, artists, movers and doers and highlight them in the global spotlight.

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