Stephanie Freitag (Craftdesk)

GirlFreitag: (The pattern designer with her head in the clouds, hands in the yarn and feet in the mud!) I would much rather spend my time crafting and creating or playing in the yard, than cleaning…this could be a problem (or not?)

Designing is a passion, a driving force within…when my mind hits a blank in one area I move on to my next art or craft. I do believe I will never suffer the curse of boredom! I have a weakness for: knitting & crochet, paper crafting & rubber stamps, gardening & cooking (both the activities & supplies) craft books (actually, books in general) as well as sewing/quilting, watching clouds, birds, butterflies, the neighborhood cats and dogs…All that, and eating ice cream! That's my witty way of saying that maybe I have a creative problem!

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