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My compelling interest is how people create – and especially recreate – the kind of community they want to live within. To help achieve that end I serve as a facilitator to public groups, especially governments and NGOs. My favorite accolade is that I have won awards as the community peacemaker of the year in both Ohio and New Mexico, the two states where I have lived as an adult. I’m an emeritus professor of communication studies at Kent State University. James Michener, in KENT STATE: WHAT HAPPENED AND WHY, outed me as the “red bearded professor.” I’m the proprietor of a small consulting business in Santa Fe, The Community Store, where most of the time my job is figuring out how to make it safe for people in groups to say what is on their minds. When that happens, good things get done.

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  • New Publication (12)

    Feed Lot Road lies in the Galisteo Basin, a vast flat plain grazed to dust by cattle and subject to high winds, sand storms, and drought. The open…

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  • KIDS 8.21.20

    Photos of kids watching, dancing, playing and performing at the Santa Fe Bandstand.

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  • Cuba

    A book of photographic images of Cuba by Carl Moore that appear in the "Spring Thaw" exhibition at Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM, March…

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  • Chiaroscuro

    Photos of Cuba by Carl Moore exhibited in the Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art "Spring Thaw," March 28 - April 26, 2014.

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  • Street Art: STREET ART Ecuador (redux)

    Last year, 2010, I published “Listen Up. STREET ART Ecuador.” This March (2011) I returned to Ecuador, photographed more walls, talked to…

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  • Street Art: Street Art

    During daily walks I began photographing the graffiti along the "El Chaquiñan" Trail in Cumbaya and Tumbaco in Ecuador. As I photographed more of it…

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