First issue of chicago rocks was launched in August of 1993. 24 page black & white press run of 80 copies were released. The first issue included only two stories with 40 photos. The idea at first was to publish a book on Chicago Hip hop called the Real Deal only after realizing how hard it would be to provide the funding did we originate the concept of Chicago Rocks. It was placed in four stores then: the Yard, Triple XXX, Wear It's At, and Underground Wheels. Our subscription rate was $12.00 for 12 issues a year. We received our first subscriber on Dec 28, 1993. We published 5 issues in 1993 with a total circulation of 500 copies that year. (ARTISTIC) Darrell Roberts (Publisher) and (FERE) Eric Cousins (Associate Publisher) Here is where we began a staff in 1994 we published 7 issues with a circulation of 3,200 copies. Chicago Rocks went to it's first real printing with Vol#1 issue#10 press run 500 done on a web press with two colors. In 1995 only 3 issues where published but the layout continued to improve. We then went to 40 pages an increase in material as well as in printing bills and our total advertising revenue was only $775.00 We began to see that advertising was the life line of a magazine not just sells and subscriptions. In 1996 we only published 1 magazine. Then in 1997 we filed for the assumed name with the Cook County Clerk and began to work on incorporating. Our printing bills continued to rise that year to $2,528.98 with only $1,775.00 worth of ads and only 3 issues published. Then in 1998 we published our last issue. Chicago Rocks was and always will be a magazine to highlight the talent from creative people from Chicago and around the world. It's how we came to become a respected people ourselves. To earn respect you have to give it and that's what really made the mag unique. I resigned from the publication in 1998 leaving it to Scope to take over but it wasn't until my good friend and partner JVC came along and revolutionized how the production of the mag went. Now being published in print as well as online which makes the reach easier to the readers. We are Chi Rock founders and creators looking to give back what was giving to us "Freedom of Creativity" Now that my boy JVC is running the mag we would like to just say please respect all the hard work being done!

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