CATALYST Review (CatalystSDR)

CATALYST Review is an on-line and print publication platform designed to promote and catalyze creative economies that are generative as well as strategic. Its focus is on leadership and the role of 21st century (leaders) in developing thriving cultures and creative economies. Our mission is to catalyze innovation across a spectrum of creative enterprise and industries. And, to encourage the use of art, design, communication and media to engage, enrich and enliven.

We created Catalyst to demonstrate that by connecting creativity with strategy and generativity, 21st century leaders can design experiences and economic exchanges that can re-define who we are and who we might become.

Each CATALYST article and post evidences the power of applying strategic design thinking to the solution of complex cultural challenges. Each provides strategies in action for shaping a a shared future that can sustain, enrich and delight.

CATALYST Review is curated and produced by participants of Pratt Institute’s Design Management and Arts & Cultural Management graduate programs in New York, NY.

Collection: CATALYST Leading Creative Enterprise

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