Brigette Wiley (Bridge)

Brigette Wiley, Founder/Publisher/ Chief Editor and Roy Ayers's Music Publicist. Previously to becoming a magazine publisher Brigette has worked in the music industry, wearing several hats! she's a Recording Artist by the name Vel-Sylk), and Co-owner of an independent record label company, and released her first single " Love's Really Got Me" in 1994.

Why Brigette started a magazine? While learning and managing all aspects of the music business within her record label company, she decided to focus more on the Public Relations side of the business, to make the label and the artist more successful. She discovered very little media platforms was giving exposure to independent artist and record label companies. Close to none of the major or independent magazines were putting Artist on the front covers. Brigette saw there was a strong need to bridge the gap to get maximum exposure. In an effort to help to bridge that gap and help the artist to get the maximum exposure on gigs, radio play, and the sale of records; in 1999 she sacrificed her career, by retiring as a recording artist and starting a magazine, that invites the independent artist to grace the front cover.

The mission is to bridge the gap of Old school with the new Artist. And to focus on bringing together the media, artists, and all extraordinary people. All of which is needed to survive in this industry! The first issue was released in the year 2000! with the Legendary Roy Ayers King of The Vibes (Musical Icon) on the front cover! Mr. Roy Ayers joined is on the team as the Senior music editor for "The Chicago Bridge Magazine". This is the only magazine that Mr. Roy Ayers has ever served as the Senior music editor. And the only magazine that has published an exclusive interview between Roy Ayers & Erykah Badu

"The Chicago Bridge Magazine" goal is to help individuals to preserve their legacy by publishing their stories, with an exclusive authentic interview, that leaves us all inspired.

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