Bitch- (bitchfight)

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Hidden deep within in the backwoods of Columbus, Ohio, we are a focused entertainment company concentrated on producing fanatical and immersive experiences we distribute on DVD, engaging fans in underground faux-pas content and to provide a rich interaction delivering horrifying imagery and performance artistry to our most loyal adult fans all while meeting their deepest and darkest desires!

We've been providing these experiences since 2014 and will continue to do so... so chillax and relax your ass! Oh... and our references to "desire" is an homage to the film franchise, Hellraiser - nothing else!

Our most popular and oldest product is Model Combat pitting models to the death for a prize.


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As of 11/20/2023, we are now an extension of Entertainment, LTD and service magazines published from Bad Girls Club Magazine, LLC that promotes the upcoming film, Kill the Bitch, as well as extreme fetishes.

As of 11/20/2023: Due to prior agreements, Model Combat Visual Guides 1-15 are published at and can be found using the search feature. Future editions will be published to

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