Betrend Art (Betrend-Art)

Betrend ART is an upcoming fine-art magazine to bring the art and passion of fantasy together in a collective of storytelling photography. Dive into a world of fantasy and immerse yourself into hypnotizing art and mythical lore, where all the unimaginable becomes a reality. Experience enchanting episodes of sword fights and magic with angels, demons, elves, wizards, witches and gothic. Become a part of the universe where the gods still roam the realms with mere mortals and mystical romances and glorified victories from legends. The magazine will include an escapade of inescapable tales and captivating sorcery through brilliant imagery. We encourage, inspire and bring out a different point of view. Betrend ART is not just a magazine, we are a fantasy bible, an inspirational toolkit and a book compiling amazing artists in one place.

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