Bertrand Vergnes (Bertrando3)

Bertrand Bernard Michel Vergnes (born January 29, 1986) is a former competitive national swimmer and fashion model turned teacher slash fashion photographer and editor-in-chief. Vergnes is also the CEO of his own publishing company: BMedia press group, Born in Brazil and after being adopted when he was a baby, Vergnes came to France where he started to live with his family. He not only became a competitive swimmer for 16 years and participating in France's national championships when he was 14 years old but he also started modeling for 11 years. Vergnes began his career as a model at the age of 15, and over the years made the transition from french male model to CEO while he was developping several businesses: various men's fashion magazines worldwide, motion editorial videos on YouTube, a podcast on Soundcloud and his own online modeling agency. Academically Vergnes is a PhD doctor and currently teaches French and English. He also speaks Italian, Spanish and Korean.

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