Beatrice Coron (beatrice)

After briefly studying art at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Lyon, and Mandarin Chinese at the Université of Lyon III, Coron experienced life with a series of odd jobs. She has been, among others, a shepherdess, truckdriver, factory worker, cleaning lady and a New York City tour guide. Coron has lived in France (her native country) , Egypt and Mexico for one year, each and China for two years before moving to New York in 1985.

The experience of living in different cultures fueled her curiosity for stories and questioned her perception of realities. She has been fascinated by the relation of people to their space and the sense of belonging. Living in between languages that she spoke but didn’t master, Coron developed a language of storytelling by papercutting multi-layered stories that could have different interpretations.

Coron's career took her from illustration to bookarts, fine arts and now public art. Public art was a natural evolution to place stories with shared memories in the public realm. Rather than leaving an expression for another, her work makes artist books for viewer to step in, or fine arts with illustration methods. Coron favors an expression that would englobe all her creative instincts rather than separate. Coron creates by cutting paper or Tyvek (a very resistant non woven material made by Dupont), for public art, she adapts her designs in metal, stone and glass.

Her work has been purchased by major museum collections, such as the Metropolitan Museum, The Walker Art center and The Getty. Her public art can be seen in subways, airport and sports facilities among others.

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    Fashion Under the Microscope: The Fabulous Virus Collection Created in 2020 six outstanding papercut outfits

    Tabloid / 11" x 14"
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    Art Fragments 9: Béatrice Coron latest projects in paper cutting, artist books, public art, illustrations, animated movies and wearables

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