AstroPhoto Insight (astrophoto)

AstroPhoto Insight, published by Professional Insight, is a bi-monthly digital astrophotography magazine dedicated to exploring and sharing the latest innovations and techniques in the field of cutting-edge amateur astrophotography.

Astrophoto Insight publishes articles by well-known experts in astrophotography such as R Jay GaBany, Jim Burnell, Adam Block, Greg Piepol, Neil Fleming, Craig Stark and Warren Keller and more. However, all readers are encouraged to submit articles, and some are sure to become household names as well.

A typical issue will contain hardware reviews on imaging equipment such as CCD, DSLR, and telescopes; software reviews, tutorials (e.g. Photoshop techniques), user projects and modifications, and any number of reader submitted articles. Emphasis is always on the practical side of astrophotography; with plenty of information on equipment, software, and techniques to help the enthusiast get the most out of their astrophotography experience.

Astrophoto Insight, while offering enough material to keep even the most hard-core astrophotographer interested, still offers a variety of practical and “basic” information to be of great value to the beginner as well. A recent survey of readers confirmed its broad appeal across all levels of astrophotographers.

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