Ali Meamar (ArtPeople)

Established Jan 2001 to present, Artpeople Gallery offers an collection of art in a variety of mediums including original acrylic paintings and sculptures.Artpeople is the social network for artists, designers and clients to meet. ARTPEOPLE GALLERY REPRESENTATION & ARTIST PROMOTION For over 19 years, ArtPeople Gallery has been proud to represent talented artists from around the world, helping them achieve success in one of the most exciting, dynamic and challenging areas of the global art scene. Through strenuous and proactive publicity and promotional efforts, the gallery gives artists the opportunity to present their work to the world.

Today, we reach over 6 million viewers per month and have built a large global community on social media, including 5.6 million followers on Facebook .Our mission is to be the top creative art+culture ad agency for high quality brands and educational institutions around the world.

Artpeople has a variety of advertising options available including banner advertising and weekly sponsored posts. If you’re interested, please contact MEAMAR

Collection: Brilliant Birds & Botanicals

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Collection: Collections

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