Carrie Ann Seymour (ArtBook)

About me Gender Female Industry Arts Occupation Artist/Art Promotion Location Horicon, WI, United States Artist, Art Promotion, Existential Detective, Cultural Anthropologist, Maker of Music, Merry + Mayhem.

Interests include Gardening, freedom, musical phrasing, typography, Cultural Anthropology, bad phone photography, Bathrooms, ART, laffy taffy...

Favorite Movies include million dollar baby, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, spirited away, field of dreams, babe, howard's end, pride and predjudice, stranger than fiction

Favorite Music includes throwing muses, wilco, radio head, liz phair, johnny cash, john coltrane, lounge stuff, post punk, classical, indian hip hop...

Favorite Books include one hundred years of solitude, their eyes were watching god, crime and punishment, the easy hour, jitterbug perfume, three martini playdate, hypocrite in a pouffy white dress, some graphic novels like emily the strange, preacher, and dark tower... and of course, ArtBook.

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    ARTBOOK is a fine art magazine. Main Entry: art book Part of Speech: n Definition: a book featuring reproductions of artworks Example: That art…

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