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Alternative Revolt — No Bullshit. Just Rock! That's right, we said it! Because we're not here to dispense the routine fluff. We're here to start a REVOLuTion!

Alternative Revolt is a premier music magazine developed around the idea of "keeping it real". We know how hard musicians work to create a name for themselves, and we're here to expedite! Designed as a way for Independent and Major Label artists to attain & maintain credibility and respect without being confined by the boundaries of today's mainstream media, Alternative Revolt allows for its featured artists to gain recognition and perpetuate reverence in the music industry. Alt Revolt truly gives artists an outlet; a way for them to speak their minds and share the trials & tribulations of a rock n' roll lifestyle.

Alternative Revolt is not only about the artists, it's about the fans! We keep our readers on the edge of their seats because we ask the real questions, get the real answers and deliver it all to our readers in a fun & formidable format. This isn't your mother's copy of Cosmo or your dad's Cabelas catalog, this is Alternative Revolt and we're here to rock your faces off!

Alternative Revolt gets down & dirty! From the hugest arenas to the smallest hole in the wall venues, we are out there every day researching the music scene. We work hand-in-hand with a plethora of major & independent record labels and publicity agents to stay up-to-date with the latest artists and the biggest happenings in the music industry! From board meetings to cardboard boxes, we go where the story is and deliver it to our readers without all the added hype. This isn't the 5 o'clock news; keep your bra on Diane Sawyer!

No Bullshit. Just Rock.™

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