Aisha Alaman (AAlaman)

Aisha Alaman--Ms. A., as she is affectionately called by her students, is a teacher who loves to write and design. She does so with a fervency to bolster creativity in herself, her child and her students. She believes in excellence in education and supports efforts toward reform.

Aisha's true passion is writing, as she writes both fiction and non-fiction, including poetry, short stories and songs. She has even started a novel. She has always wanted to write a children's book and has now seen this come to fruition with the publishing of Big Sister, Little Sister in December of 2020.

Aisha is a success coach, speaker, author and entrepreneur. Most importantly, she is God's child and "mommy" to a bright and beautiful little girl named Laylah. She resides in Georgia.

Collection: Children's Books

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