Rat Rods & Rust Queens

Rob Goodfellow

Rat Rods are assembled out of an assortment of parts, crossing all makes and models. The cars aren’t the custom-finished, shiny perfectionist vehicles associated with traditional car shows. These are funky, rough-edged boxes of attitude, and their owners drive them when there is a show to go to. No Rat Rod ever rests its wheels on a trailer. Rust Queens are the women who pair with the cars. An intriguing mix of early pinup style and tattoo culture, these women create a style that is all their own. The guys fix up the cars... the girls fix up themselves. Rust Queens proudly flaunt their bodies, tattoos, and their attitudes, and paired with the Rat Rods, every month of this calendar tells a story. Louisville, Kentucky-based photographer Josh McNally uses black and white to make these vintage cars and girls pop.

Publications in Rat Rods & Rust Queens

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